Promises Promises Promises
About the book

In a time where there is so much uncertainty, we all at one point and time question "will it ever get better". This book deals with the
struggles that people face today. Are pressures and responsibilities of family life running you down? The collapsing and failing economy will
it ever come to an end? There are an increasing number of people that are struggling with many kinds of addictions, ie; drugs, porn and so
much more.

But, there is hope and deliverance that awaits each and every one of us. That's a promise! God's promise. The author, Michelle T. Ford
shares about the struggles that she personally had gone through in her own life and how God's promises have and still are delivering her
from them today.

"I can relate", says the author, at the times when she was on her own raising her daughter. Unsure if she would have enough money
gathered together at the end of the month to pay rent and the bills.

"I know what it's like", says the author. As she reflects on the difficult times of raising a teenager. As her once little princess became
increasingly out of control, disrespectful, selfish, rebellious and clearly headed down the wrong path.

"I understand what it's like", says the author. As she reflects on a marriage that was torn, loveless, unsupportive and condemning and the
many days spent in silence.

"But, I also know where hope can be found", say the author. As she shares her testimony of how the promises of God delivered her
through the difficult times. Walk with her as she shares with you the hope that can be found in Christ. This book is for the believer who has
forgotten God's promises and for the non believer who is looking for a permanent change in their lives. The Author challenges you to open
the pages of this book and delve in to the promises that God has in store for you. As the Lord begins to deliver you from your own personal
trials, soon your testimony as to the Lord's goodness will serve to help others. Good reading and God Bless.

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Promises, Promises, Promises
by Michelle T. Ford

ISBN 13: 978-1-61500-010-4  Paperback

LCCN: 2011924700

188 Pages /  size 5 1/4 x 8

Genre: Religion / Inspirational / Non - Fiction

General: 15 years and up

Released date - June 30, 2011
Paperback -
$13.56   save 20% $16.95

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Author:     Michelle T. Ford - of -
Promises, Promises, Promises
ISBN 13: 978-1-61500-010-4

Will be Appearing On: "Perspective" TV

New date is now updated for -

Date:  December 7, 2013  ---  

Time:  1:00 pm (EST)

Station: CTS-   a Christian Television Station / Network --- Please
check your local listing for the channel in your area

Hi Fellow readers I just wanted to keep you updated as to what I am
doing.  I will be on a TV Program called Perspective this coming
Saturday December 7, 2013 talking with Dr.Bishop Al Baxter.  The
topic actually is Living a Stress Free Life in which he has written a
book about as well.  We also discuss my book in terms of  how I had
overcome a stressful time in my life, which is the testimonial in my
book, through the promises of God.  Promises Promises Promises is a
phenomenal book, not because I wrote it but because it is a book that
anybody and everybody can use. No matter what your circumstance or
what situation you are going through nothing is too hard for God.  It is
an interactive book so that you too may experience the power of God
for yourselves.  I hope that you will tune in to the show. I hope that
you will be blessed and know that you are not alone. The book also has
some hidden gems within it as well (relating to End Times) and
practicals that you can use everyday.  The book Promises Promises
Promises is not a book that should be read once and put on the shelf,
but it is a field manual for everyday life that you can carry with you;
and as you go about your day to day, you can always refer, reflect and
regroup as you hold on to the promises of God.

Thanks for watching and God Bless.  When you have read the book
and applied it to your life, I look forward to hearing about your
testimonies as you too overcome your obstacles standing on the
promises of God.

Michelle T. Ford
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