Karel Van Canegem-Ardijns
About the Author

I am convinced I have written one of the most controversial works, but a
necessity if we want to face these times. My book deals with all the major
subjects like government, banking, environment, religion, life and death,
racism, ... I point out the problems and I give solutions in a manner for all
to understand.

If you look at all the destruction man(kind) has visited upon this earth, I
believe we have to destroy man not like he was created by God, but by our
monetary system. If we are able to change that system, I believe we can
end poverty as well. In my book I will propose a solution.

As you can guess from my name, I am not an English native speaker. I hail
from Belgium and my mother language is Dutch. Because of my passion
for military history I have been reading English books since an early age.

This book is not about me, nor do I seek personal fame. I only want people
to see how the world really works. It is not about all those images we are
being saturated with in the media.

I did publish a previous work in Dutch, but Reconciled, is nothing like it,
nor is it a translation. My first work was a test to see how family and
friends would react to my views. They say I have some good ideas, but
follow it up with the usual reaction: what can we do about all those
problems? In my book I will explain that an individual person has all the
power he needs to change things.

More about Karel Van Canegem-Ardijns

Karel Van Canegem-Ardijns is a 33 year old man living in Flanders, the
Dutch speaking part of Belgium. Since an early age Karel has been drawn to
the history of mankind and he learned there have only been a few years in
which mankind has not fought a war.

Karel took on the study of all military conflicts and was especially drawn to
the following time periods: Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire,
Napoleon, the American civil war and the second world war. His personal
library now contains about 600 books, all in English.

Karel has studied law and holds a college degree. He has been active in that
area, but he recognizes that life is much more than just doing an everyday
job. Karel doesn’t mean life should be about partying though. He likes to
gain as much knowledge as possible and he is convinced humanity can
make an end to the suffering of every living being. It is his personal belief
we only lack the right person(s) to do so.

During his younger years Karel has supported his region Flanders in its
struggle to gain independence. He did learn though that idealism had no
place in it, but only politics and gaining positions counted.

Besides his passion for military history Karel likes playing computer games,
with Call of Duty and Star Wars The Old Republic being his favorites.

To remain fit and healthy he tosses around a few weights from time to time.

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