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This book is so different than any other book you have read because it allows the imagination to soar! In this story many families try to
survive the invasion of aliens from a far off planet.  These aliens bring with them *Acid Rain*.  The rain falls lightly but should you be
caught in it, it slowly melts the skin from your bones.

Alien Harvest has several character's that keep you hanging on the edge of your seat, hoping and praying they either make it or they don't!  
Yaydow is a mix breed. He is part alien and part human.  His mother was a beautiful half breed also and his father was a handsome army
Leutinate from this planet.  Yaydow has this rare feeling called compassion. But, he will rip you in half if he needs to.

Rulictar is a pure bred alien. He is ugly and huge and he is mean. He has no compassion, no conscience and can undoubtedly, kill his way
through his miserable life.   The rest of the alien tribe are like Rulictar, ruthless and pure killing machines. They are hungry and their true
desire is to eat!

You will grow close to the families that fight for survival.  You will become part of the story that you read and feel as though you can not
run fast enough. Your breath will become rapid when you turn a corner and come eye to eye with an alien.  You will run in the opposite
direction in hopes of finding refuge.  Will you make it? Or will you become the meal of the day?

Yaydows planet is starving.  His commander has ordered the platoon to harvest earth so that they might survive.  Harvesting humans will
enable them to eat for quite some time.  But Yaydow feels there should be another way.  He does not relish the thought of killing humans
for food.  Who will win? Who will survive?

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Alien Harvest
Alien Harvest
By Sandra Rains DeBusk

ISBN 13: 978-1-61500-021-0  Paperback

Fiction / Thriller
Science Fiction

size 5 x 8,  220 Pages

LCCN: 2012939374

Release date June 29, 2012

E-Book format - ISBN 13: 978-1-61500-022-7 ----- Through
Amazon Kindle -- But you can buy at B&N Nook ----

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